Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This is the weather bulletin board that Alexis, Albana and I worked on!
It's so wonderful!! I enjoyed working on it with Alexis and Albana.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lesson Self-Assessment

Aziza May and I prepared for our lesson by first deciding how we wanted to introduce the lesson plan on Jasper's Beanstalk.  We had a few ideas at first, such as, just simply going over the days of the week, but we decided to do something more interactive and fun for the students.  We decided to go with the "The Seven Days of the Week" sign language song.  After we figured out the introduction and the anticipatory set everything was pretty much a breeze for us! When we were all finish with the lesson plan we practice teaching our lesson to one of our friends who actually played a great role as a first grade student! For our objectives we used SWBAT (students will be able to.)  We had three objectives: SWBAT answer comprehension qquestions while collectively reading it as a class, SWBAT create their own plant, and SWBAT complete a sequential order worksheet on the days of the week.   The three objectives that we decided on was used and I think the students actually create and complete everything that was done in class.  Our formative and summative assessments that we decided on was executed in my opinion.  We observed the students while they learned the seven days of the week song, ask the students questions about the lesson plan and the book on Jasper's Beanstalk, and we walked around and made sure they comprehended the sequential order worksheet.  For the summative we changed it up by having the students one by one come up and do steps of planting a seed. For the most part our lesson plan was executed exactly as it was written, except when we started to have behavioral problems which didn't bother us at all because we anticipated that to happen.  The most important thing we tried to teach our students was to have fun and enjoy the lesson.  When behavioral problems started to occur we encouraged them to be on their best behavior so we could get through the lesson and fun activities along with it.  I think the lesson went well.  With all the behavior and steps we had to do I believe we held are on and did a fine job!  It was a fun lesson to do!  What I learned from the students was to always be as patient and understanding as you can in a classroom without stopping the students from wanting to learn and participate.  I do not think I would have done anything differently that I can think of as of now.  I think we could have made the lesson more effective by having actual seeds!!!!!! I think as an upcoming teacher I can approve on being more smooth and having a nice transitions from going to one part of the lesson to the next! 

This lesson was very fun to create and I enjoyed teaching it with Aziza!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Today we made a globster and create d a teacher account.  Globster looked fun until I had to get all the pictures, video, and audio on my page.  It took me forever to get my pictures uploaded onto the globster page. I think if I didn't struggle with getting everything on my page it would have been more fun for me.  Guess its the process of learning new computer software's and technology. 

Day 2

Last class we learned about blogging and wordle. Professor Luongo explained how to do both very well and detailed. Today my computer took forever to log in and set up so I couldn't blog for too long. Now I am trying to ketchup up by writting a blog and reading my classmates. I feel very rushed. On top of that I am not sure what we are doing today. Whatever it is I hope its fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End of Day 1

The end of the day went pretty well. We stareted off by blogging about the beginning of the day. Ms. Luongo talked about create blogs and then wordle. Wordle was fun to do. We typed or paste words from the book we are teaching with a partner. The book my partner and I will be teaching is Jasper's Beanstalk. I wish I had the book with me. Last night I took it out of my bookbag. The book we chose usually stays in my bookbag so I can have it for class, but for some odd reason I decided to remove it from my bookbag. Today went swell!! I feel accomplished with using bloggng and wordle; more so wordle than blogs! I am getting the hang of it! Right now Ms. Luongo is telling students to "keep written, sorry I have to be a pain"...with a smile. She is always smiling!! My brain is fried. Any moment now I am ready for her to say we can stop written. I wish my friend Aziza would get her blogging site together..know its frustrating her! YES FINALLLY CAN STOP TYPING!! Until next time folks...


Wordle: Jasper's Beanstalk

Day 1

Today I think we will be learning more about blogging.
The book my partner and I chose to do is Jasper's Beanstalk. 

P.s.- Blogging is new to me.  I need to learn more about blogging and various ways you can use it!